Different Areas Of The PMP Certification Exam

Project Integration Management

It is a broader picture of project management that holds the knowledge of whether a project is beneficial for an organization or not. Further, this area holds the entire project from start to end and sheds light on its consequences.

Project Scope Management

This area is about sticking to your project’s results by validating and controlling. It gives you and all others in the project to stay focused on their task. It is crucial to have your feet in this area in order to pass the PMP certification exam efficiently.

Project Time Management

This knowledge area is about scheduling everyone’s time and actions. For example, in a project, what a person is intended to do on is his time. That is so important in PMP, and candidates are expected to be well-versed in this area.

Project Cost Management

Keeping an eye on your budget is very necessary while leading a project. This knowledge area in the PMP certification exam gives information about how you can be aware of your limitations and how much budget you spend in a direction.

Project Quality Management

Isn’t it weird to expect good outcomes from your project without considering or measuring its quality? Yes, it is. So, project quality management gives you information about how you can measure and assess the quality of your project within an organization.

Project Resource Management

Managing project resources is the most important thing if you want your project to have a great impact. Project resources include estimation, management, and overall control throughout the project. Project resource management is about all these areas.

Project Communication Management

Communication is the key to the success of a project. As a project manager, you will need to recognize that all members of your team are updated and informed about the project. Project communication management is an area that revolves around these topics.

Project Rish Management

To keep your project on track in any circumstances, you have to be aware of any future risks in advance to fight them smoothly. In PMP certification, project risk management helps you understand how you can recognize the risks of your project, if any.

Project Procurement Management

This knowledge area is about how you can develop external links to complete a project. As a project manager, it is your responsibility to buy, rent, and contact products to reach the expected goals of a project. It is also a significant area of PMP certification exam help.

Project Stakeholder Management

Project stakeholder management is a knowledge area about communicating with other stakeholders for organizing a project. It has an influence on your project, and as a project manager, it becomes your responsibility to organize such communication.

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