Online TEAS Exam: Master The Art Of Passing TEAS Test Online

After completing secondary education, almost every student steps ahead to kick start his higher education journey through fields of study vary by students. Here, we are concerned with nursing and allied programs that are taken by plenty of students as their careers. If such fields interest you, then take on your reading glasses and go through this article. We are going to discuss the online TEAS exam. TEAS is a type of exam conducted mainly by nursing schools to check students’ preparedness for applied programs. A TEAS test consists of English language usage, mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry. Institutes ask students different questions related to these subjects as students are expected to have learned this subject in previous classes.

You are wrong if you think it is easy for you. You will be given 150+ questions to attempt in 209 minutes. Imagine if you are not fully prepared for it. However, things are in your hands. You can master the art of passing the online TEAS exam by reading this blog. We have mentioned some tips below, read and learn how you can excel in your online TEAS exam.

Make A Plan

Planning is the most important thing when you are preparing for the TEAS online exam. Therefore, make a proper plan before you get started. Now, students wonder how they can set a plan. It is easy. First of all, estimate how much time you have for preparation. In this way, you get a timeframe to divide your syllabus into different sections to cover each one in a specific time.

After that, select a peaceful environment for study. Make sure that there are no internal or external distractions while you are studying. It helps you focus on your books and delve into active reading.

The most important part is to think about the topics and subjects you are not good at. For example, if you are not good at chemistry and bio, spare a larger part of your time for them. Pay extensive attention to the areas where you need it most. For those subjects that you are well-versed in, leave them for later.

Get access to every available resource that helps you while preparing for the TEAS online exam.

For example, if you are going to practice mathematical problems, makes sure that all that you need is a one-hand distance. By making these plans, you can get closer to your success and enhance the chances of bringing the score you need.

Don’t Cram Study

Most students procrastinate initially and put themselves in a position that forces them to cram. ATI has given students an opportunity, a time of at least six weeks, to prepare for TEAS. Then why cram study? Start your preparation from day one with occasional pauses and proper food. It makes you complete your entire course before your TEAS is going to start.

The best way to prepare for TEAS is to select a time according to your sleeping cycle. It means if you are a morning person, you can study in the morning, and if you have a habit of spending nights without sleeping, then you start preparation in the evening. These practices will lead you to your success.

Practice TEAS Exam

Though you don’t know the exact questions of your TEAS exam, you can create a format to do a practice TEAS exam. In this way, you can learn how much time you have got for each question. Select a timer, and note the time while attempting every question. Make sure that all your questions are according to the TEAS pattern. You can find out TEAS patterns and formats on the internet easily, so get these formats and practice according to them. It will enhance your problem-solving, reading, and writing skills.

Time Management

Time management is also an important thing to be kept in mind when you appear in the TEAS online exam. Most students make a mistake and linger on a question when they don’t know its answer. Such things lead students to their failure. Therefore, be scheduled according to exam timing. Write all the questions you can answer the best first, and the rest should be done last. Try to complete your answer before the given is up so that you can revise your paper to ensure you have attempted all questions.

Take Care of Yourself

Don’t be depressed thinking about the TEAS online exam. Your first priority should be your health in every case. Keep preparing from scratch, appear in exams peacefully, and don’t take tension about the results. Don’t try to spend hours studying; take multiple breaks and have coffee, tea, and fresh juice frequently. It will keep your mind fresh, and you will be able to work energetically.


TEAS online exams are troublesome but manageable, If you follow proper guidelines. By reading the above, we expect you to understand the strategies you can go through while preparing for an online TEAS exam. Follow our tips and keep working hard for remarkable success. Wish you all the best for your future.

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